Just how important are reviews to your online business? To put it simply, reviews are the lifeblood of any online business – they help you find new customers, keep them coming back and boost your conversion rates. Not to mention, they’re free! So what’s stopping you from getting more? Here are 7 ways you can use to get more reviews

1) How to gain positive reviews

You may be wondering how to gain positive reviews from clients. You can do it yourself, but that would take a lot of time and effort. Instead, use our software to request reviews in an automated fashion while you are focusing on other aspects of your business. If you want to get more reviews quickly and easily, add some automation to your strategy with our software today!
Request reviews via SMS o Email, and do an automated follow up to ensure you get your review.

2) How to deal with negative feedback

Unfavorable reviews are inevitable, and there’s no way to completely avoid them. However, you can take steps to limit the amount of negative reviews that your business receives. Try to ensure that all customers have a positive experience by working with them one-on-one if there are any problems with their purchase. As always, when it comes to online reviews, the best offense is a good defense: employ an automated software that filters negative feedback before it goes public. Our Review system includes a filter to ensure you get that feedback but not the one star review.

3) How to ask for a review

One way to get more reviews, is to ask. You can offer a freebie or discount, thats the best way to get a review. But if your business revolves around providing outstanding customer service, you won’t need to explicitly ask for a review – customers will be more than happy to write about their experience on platforms like Yelp and Google My Business, and with our automated tool, you will be getting those reviews without adding more work to you.

4) The way you write (or don’t write) the review is important too

When you ask for reviews, remember to ask people to include what they liked about the service. That way, you’ll get more than just a 5 star rating from your customers. When you don’t do that, the feedback you get is basically a number—and without anything meaningful attached to it. Try it for yourself; see how people respond differently when asked for an overall rating vs. what specifically they liked (or didn’t like) about your business.

5) Promote those positive reviews!

Once you get your positive reviews, be sure to share them across your digital platforms. Not only will it build trust with potential customers, but it’ll give you some great content to share on social media. Even if you haven’t gotten a review yet, ask for one! It may be odd at first, but your customers want to help and might be more likely to leave a positive review once they see how easy it is.

6) Recommendations carry more weight than sales pitches

Recommendations carry more weight than sales pitches and are easily the best way to get clients. A positive review helps you rank higher on Google and social media search, making you more visible to potential clients. I’m not saying that the Internet should be used solely for marketing purposes, but when it comes to small business growth, building an online presence is essential. The best way to do that is by listening to what your customers are saying—and taking their advice on board!

7) Use negative feedback constructively

Some businesses would like to avoid negative feedback at all costs, and that’s a mistake. Use it constructively! Make a note of what customers didn’t like and use it to improve your business. If you take the bad and turn it around, your reviews will start to improve. You could even provide discounts to those who write reviews – that way they get rewarded for being honest while you also benefit from their insights.