Let them accurately find you

81% of people say their number 1 source for searching a business is online, are you everywhere you need to be, and do you know if all of your listings are accurate?


Show up where it matters


Accurate info, hours, address, phone numbers


Make listing updates in over 200+ sites in seconds

Have accurate business information across important sites.


Annoyed at having to update Holiday Hours, Business Hours and more across every site?


Forget passwords to the websites where your business information is located?


Need to update phone numbers, emails and websites, but forget where you're listed online?

Change your business information from our Mudblu Dashboard once, and it’ll be updated on 200+ listing sites. Not only that, but if your business is missing out on review sites, business directories, and social sites, we’ll be sure to add them! 

How clients find you

Have accurate information everywhere prospective clients are looking.

Be found online, offline, and on mobile devices.

All from one Dashboard

Make updates on more than 200 listing sites from your Mudblu Dashboard.

Automatically submit to three main data aggregators.

Make listing updates in real-time

Get Google my Business insights

A well-maintained GMB profile gets 5x more views than an incomplete profile.

See proof of performance.

View common actions clients are taking on your listing.

Get Reviews Tool.

Get Google My Business Insights on clients
Publish to a list of high-traffic sources in minutes
Protection from third-party changes
Updates distributed across synced sources
Checks on any Business submission inconsistencies

Supporting Services.

Local & Organic SEO
Google My Business Optimization
Reputation Management
Website Development – see our work

Businesses winning with Mudblu.

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What is Listings Management?

Can they find you?

Businesses should be found and accurate, whether it be online, offline, on mobile sources, voice search, or GPS sources. When a customer is searching for a need they want met, they go to a search engine.

Since 81% of people say their number 1 source for searching a business is online, you might need some help ensuring that your listings are accurate.

There are hundreds of listings sites, and managing them all is a difficult task. The Listing Manager is the one place where you can easily create, manage, and update your listings, saving you valuable time and energy. If your business is not visible online or is only visible on a few listing sites, the chances of that customer finding your business are slim.

Do you know if people will be able to find your business through your online listings on Google, Facebook, or Yelp? 


FAQ’s: Listings management.

How much does getting listings management cost?

We offer 3 investment plans, starting at $317/month. We’ll help you select the plan that fits your goals. Because it takes time to get results, we require an initial 6-month retainer followed by a month-to-month contract that can be canceled at any time.

Why are listings so important?

Consumers have access to endless information at their fingertips, including information that will help them make a decision about businesses. Therefore, businesses that actively manage their online reputation and listing information will be the ones that thrive.

Does this help with SEO?

Absolutely! Google looks favorably on businesses that have complete and accurate information because they’re easier to match search terms with. Remember the ways customers search for a business—by location, top rating, or attribute—if your business match.

How will this help me get clients?

Good question! Helping clients find and select your business requires two main considerations, correct business listings, and online reviews. If prospective clients cannot find your business online, they will go to your competition.
66% of your ability to show up in local search and outrank your competitors is directly linked to managing your listings and online reputation.

When can we start?

Right away! Request a consultation (30-minutes) and start boosting your business.

Stop Surviving.
Start Growing. Start Thriving. Start Leading.

Stop Surviving. Start Growing. Start Thriving. Start Leading.

1. Request a 30 min. consultation.

2. Select the best plan for your goals.

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